[GRASS-dev] datetime function in v.in.ogr

Paulo van Breugel p.vanbreugel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 12:27:19 PDT 2019

Hi devs,

I am trying to import a shapefile using v.in.ogr, filtering on date 
using datetime, e.g.,

v.in.ogr input=myshapefile.shp layer=myshapefile output=outputlayer 
where="datm_start >= datetime('2019-01-01')"

I am getting the message:

ERROR 1: Undefined function 'datetime' used.
ERROR: Error setting attribute filter 'datm_start >= datetime('2019-01-01')'

Does this mean it is not possible to use functions in v.in.ogr? Or am I 
doing somthing wrong?

Running grass gis 7.6, Linux.



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