[GRASS-dev] Need a mentor for GSoC parallelization topic

Anna Petrášová kratochanna at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 07:14:21 PST 2021

Hi devs,

would you consider being a GSoC mentor for this topic [1]? I suggested this
topic in hope this could be impactful for GRASS and fairly accessible for
students with CS background.

We need somebody with C experience, ideally also OpenMP experience. I have
only limited experience, and I would probably be mentoring a different
project, so I can't be the main mentor here.

There is already a student who would be interested in that, so we need to
make sure there is somebody who can mentor him.

This is all theoretical so far, OSGeo is not even accepted yet. If you are
interested, please also fill this form [2].

Thank you for considering this,


[2] https://forms.gle/9Na1vzGX3ESxqgpj9
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