[GRASS-dev] [SoC] GSoC 2021 - Parallelization of raster modules for GRASS GIS

Aaron Saw Min Sern aaronsms at u.nus.edu
Mon Jun 28 00:58:03 PDT 2021

Hi everyone,

Week 3 has concluded, and this is my report for this week.

1) What did I get done this week?

Upon discussion with the mentors, we have decided to explore alternative designs to using Segment library as intermediate output buffer. Specifically, there are two designs in mind, one which simply increases the size of the buffer but does sequential I/O to fill and output from the buffer with intermediate parallel computation, and a more complicated one which tries to eliminate having the threads to wait for the I/O.

2) What do I plan on doing next week?
I plan to finalize the design by this week. [1]

3) Am I blocked on anything?

No, it has been good so far.

[1] https://github.com/aaronsms/grass

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Warmest regards,


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