[GRASS-dev] Mini Project 2022: Space-Time Dataset Visualization and Improved Interactive Maps for grass.jupyter

Caitlin Haedrich caitlin.haedrich at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 09:03:01 PST 2022

Hello GRASS community,

Along with Linda, I'm also working on a GRASS mini project for the next two
months. The focus of my project is grass.jupyter, a package I started this
summer as part of Google Summer of Code. The package improves the
integration of GRASS GIS and Jupyter with a set of functions for displaying
GRASS data in Jupyter Notebooks. In its current state, “grass.jupyter”
allows users to create static visuals and simple interactive maps. As part
of this project, I'm planning to add several additional features and
- create a class for visualizing space time datasets allowing users to
create interactive time-sliders and non-interactive animations such as GIFs.
- improve the integration of grass and folium, the library used for
- create a function to display vector attribute data in nicely-formatted
Pandas or GeoPandas tables (as opposed to text output which is currently
possible with “v.db.select”).

I'll send out weekly updates here but I also will record my progress on the
wiki here:

You can also track the progress and contribute to the discussion on our
Github project page:

Feedback, comments and ideas are welcome! Feel free to email me or to
contribute to the discussion on github.

Happy New Year!
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