[GRASS-PSC] Was: CVS Write Access to Serena Pallecchi Now: Proposal Voting Procedures

Brad Douglas rez at touchofmadness.com
Fri Dec 8 15:42:27 EST 2006

On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 16:30 -0500, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Brad Douglas wrote:
> >> I thought I already voted on this.
> >>
> >> +1
> > 
> > Ditto. +1
> > 
> > Maybe we could write a "secretarial" position into the PSC who keeps
> > tally and summary on votes, etc?
> Folks,
> The approach I've taken in other venues is to require the person who makes
> the motion to summarize the vote on closing.  This keeps the work load on
> the person who was interested enough to propose the vote rather than just
> dumping it on the chair.  I will say that digging through all the emails
> in a thread to collect and summarize a motion vote can be 10-20 minutes
> of work so I would hesitate to dump it on the chair on an active committee.

I would consider that a conflict of interest for an unscrupulous
person. :-)  However, it's something that can be fairly easily verified.

> I think it is important to have a clear vote period, and to summarize the
> results when a vote closes just so it is clear when something is settled.

Agreed.  Okay...I'm sold on the proposer maintaining the discussion and
calling a vote.  It would be nice to have someone on the PSC summarize
the vote and comments in a standard format for easy future reference,
but that's a bit of a wish on my part.

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