[GRASS-PSC] Chair Motion

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 05:12:16 EST 2006

In case there was any doubt, the PSC overwhelmingly asks Markus to be
the PSC chair:

vote: Markus for Chair.
Hamish +1
Michael +1
Helena +1
Brad +1
Massimiliano +1
Dylan +1
Scott +1
Maciek +1
Markus +0
Paul yes

everyone reporting in, vote closed. yay Markus.


I like Frank's idea that the person calling the vote does the work to
tally the result. If I could extend that, they'd report the result the
the list and the chair would bless & announce it to grass-dev.

WRT Markus's work load:

Sheparding in new modules etc takes a very strong knowledge of the code,
history, good C, the GRASS libraries, etc. (eg what's in the other 300+
modules and countless former GRASS 4/5 modules) This ends up being a
very short list of people to draw from. It, along with auditing
modifications to the libraries, is probably the most important task in
the project IMO. Maybe Frank can relate some GDAL/PROJ wisdom here.

To help spread the load, hopefully other devels can adopt a handful of
modules each (ie the ones they use/know about), and act as liaisons for
the modules' external developers.

On the other hand, (from my uninformed position) committing new
translations seems like something that any of us could do and not
requiring the breadth of experience. If that is so, maybe we could move
that job to someone else as an easy way to lessen what we ask of Markus.
(perhaps a european type who speaks lots of languages :)
Or maybe he enjoys that job?

Same goes for the website, lots of people can help there. I think the
wiki is helping.

Markus: It would help if you could make a list of jobs you'd rather were
passed on to others?


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