[GRASS-PSC] Loose Ends

Brad Douglas rez at touchofmadness.com
Wed Dec 13 06:15:56 EST 2006

I've finally had a chance to review the body of unresolved issues with
RFC1.  I will attempt to summarize below:

Voting system:
- Judging from past emails, there was minor concern about the voting
method (+1,+0,0,-0,-1), but there were no serious objections.
Personally, I was initially uneasy, but after using it a few times, it
seems to fit well.  Are there any outstanding objections?

- Should a single -1 kill a vote (ie. unanimous)?  There are ten of us
on the PSC.  In theory, a +9/-1 vote will get killed.

- Several individuals expressed concern over the lack of detail
specifying what should be voted on.  The current text (from "When is
Vote Required?" section of RFC1):

 1. Anything that could cause backward compatibility issues. 
 2. Adding substantial amounts of new code.
 3. Changing inter-subsystem APIs.
 4. When releases should take place.
 5. Project Infrastructure issues (hosting etc)
 6. Adding new user CVS write access.
 7. Anything that might be controversial.

Could we remove the word "could" from #1?  #2 either needs to be
stricken or expanded.  #7 seems a bit out of place to me -- it is
generally implied.  I would like to add #8:

 8. Committing new code to the stable branch other than backporting.
I'm not certain how this would be invoked as virtually all stable
revisions are a result of backporting, but it should be noted.

- Voting volume/requirements has also been brought up as issue.  People
are going through a fair amount of hoops get get CVS write access.  I
think that has/will address some of the quality concerns and make voting
less necessary.  Voting for everything may not be practical.  I believe
this is the largest point of contention, overall.  Would it be more
satisfactory to everyone by calling a vote when something undesirable is
added?  This could lighten the voting burden and leave voting to truly
significant code advances, the more critical stable branch, and

I apologize if I have missed any topics.  I look forward to your
comments (be gentle :-).

Brad Douglas <rez touchofmadness com>                    KB8UYR/6
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