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Tue Oct 31 10:02:40 EST 2006

I agree with much of this thread and so won't copy it all yet again below.

With respect to voting, the kind of voting that Markus suggested (-1, -0, 0,
+0, +1) can be useful as a way to quickly get a consensus or find out if one
is not yet achievable. -0 and +0 express some degree of preference; +1 and
-1 indicate that the voter is willing to shoulder the responsibility to
achieve the end result.

Many things don't need a vote. Those that could most benefit are probably
the minor items where it would simply help to get people's opinion. The
major items need discussion and consensus.

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> Subject: Re: GRASS PSC
> Agreed. I hope people can see where I'm coming from that if everything
> continues to work as it does, there really should be very rarely a need to
> vote on anything. Voting by its nature is divisive and I don't like it. I
> think discussion until a consensus is reached is the best way forward, and
> having to vote on anything will be a serious last resort, a recognition
> that we have failed to agree. In that light I don't think devising
> intricate voting procedures is something we should be spending a lot of
> time on at the minute.
> A GRASS-PSC mailing list is a basic requirement though, I think. We could
> copy this thread into the archive once it is set up.
> Paul

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