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(I reply to the new list address)

Also in OSGeo only a few things need a vote. Since we are
used to the meriocraty model and the "do-it" model, we should
proceed like that.

This rather useless comment is moreover a list test :-)


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On 10/31/06, Michael Barton <michael.barton at asu.edu> wrote:
> I agree with much of this thread and so won't copy it all yet again below.
> With respect to voting, the kind of voting that Markus suggested (-1, -0, 0,
> +0, +1) can be useful as a way to quickly get a consensus or find out if one
> is not yet achievable. -0 and +0 express some degree of preference; +1 and
> -1 indicate that the voter is willing to shoulder the responsibility to
> achieve the end result.
> Many things don't need a vote. Those that could most benefit are probably
> the minor items where it would simply help to get people's opinion. The
> major items need discussion and consensus.
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