Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Jul 30 08:30:06 EDT 2007

thanks for clarifying. Yes, I agree SVN is *the* solution.
Pity your admin do not have time. Any help possible?
All the best.

Markus Neteler ha scritto:
> it is not that easy - the GRASS CVS is known to be compilable
> in 99.x% of cases. Who knows if such addons are always in this
> state? Also, enforcement of SUBMITTING rules is more difficult
> for 3rd party code while GRASS CVS follows this (besides legacy
> code on which we continuously work).
> Also: all modules in GRASS CVS are activated.
> I (just my 0.02 cents) want to avoid that GRASS CVS becomes
> a playground - if addons are left in a semi-done state and
> nobody picks it up then broken code would be in CVS.
> Yes, I would rather move out a couple of commands from CVS
> to Addons :-)
> I think that this will become much easier once the CVS is
> migrated to SVN. This, however, requires some efforts of
> people who do not have time lately incl the CVS admins.
> Markus
Paolo Cavallini

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