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Dear Jim,

thanks a lot for providing very interesting information about the
early stages of GRASS! I am one of the new GRASS developers and enjoy
discovering gems in earlier versions of GRASS that got lost at some
stage. With regard to the combine program of Van Warren, I think that
most of its functionality is now covered by r.mapcalc which is by now
one of the most important GRASS modules because of its versatility.
Moreover, those features that were ** NOT YET AVAILABLE ** in combine
are now available in r.mapcalc. The one single exception I could find
is the group operator which should be easy to (re-)implement.

A large proportion of the code of the first few GRASS versions is a
kind of quality assurance. It is amazing that code written 20 or more
years ago is still able to address the problems of tomorrow, giving
GRASS an advantage over other, younger GIS software packages.

Best regards,

Markus Metz

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> Here another relevant message from Jim.
> m
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> Subject: Re: Age of GRASS GIS?
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> Markus, I have no secrets :-)  Share as you wish.
> Attached is the scanned '83 document.  You can see the grass roots therein.
> I see that we hadn't yet put the programmer names on the manual entries.
> Note Van Warren's combine(1) program.  I really liked that program and would
> love to see it brought back to life.
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