[GRASS-PSC] PSC management

Maciej Sieczka msieczka at sieczka.org
Fri Jun 1 02:58:00 PDT 2012

W dniu 2012-06-01 09:39, Markus Neteler napisał(a):

> Thanks for all your enormous contributions to GRASS and its 
> community.

Naah. Let's call it "some" instead :).

Thanks for "letting me in" those few years ago. GRASS project exposed 
me to the way of thinking and working of so many knowledgeable 
individuals. This was one of the best things in my life. If it wasn't 
GRASS, GNU/Linux and FOSS in general, I would be much worse off, in many 

Cheers from the cold Polish seaside to Everyone!

Maciej Sieczka

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