[GRASS-PSC] SVN write access request - kuszinger

Robert Kuszinger kuszinger at giscom.hu
Thu Aug 4 11:40:59 PDT 2016

To whom it may concern,

hereby I declare that I've read and accepted the "Legal aspects of code
contributions (RFC2)" on 2016.08.04 as it has been found at URL

At the same time I request write access to my OSGEO userid named
"kuszinger" to Addons SVN repository.

Considering the preceding communication to the development group, mentors
named in this request are Anna Petrasova or Vaclav Petras. Any third person
recommended by the development team is also accepted to be in this role.

best regards

Robert Kuszinger
+36 30 22 11 787
kuszinger at giscom.hu
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