[GRASS-PSC] Statement Anna Petrasova

Anna Petrášová kratochanna at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 08:07:04 PST 2021

Dear GRASS community,

Thank you for the PSC nomination! I have been involved in GRASS GIS
development for ten years now, being a PSC member since 2016. I have been
mostly focusing on GUI development, but I am familiar with most parts of
the codebase. As a PhD student and now working in academia I have been
teaching geospatial modeling in GRASS, leading numerous workshops, and
helping students individually as well as supporting the broader scientific
community on mailing lists. After participating in Google Summer of Code as
a student, I mentored and co-mentored several GSoC students with projects
focusing e.g. on Python 3 support and new start-up.

I am really excited from the many changes GRASS underwent recently
including transitioning to GitHub, which increased the outside
contributions, attracted more developers, and increased code quality. I
would like to continue that trend by making sure current and new devs are
supported with high quality code reviews and more readable and documented
code in general. Also I hope to participate in programs attracting new
developers such as GSoC.

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