[GRASS-PSC] Statement Markus Neteler

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Thu Jan 14 12:26:19 PST 2021

First of all, thanks for the nomination.

After starting to use GRASS GIS as a student in 1993, in early 1998 I
saw the need to set up a "European GRASS site" at the University of
Hannover, which quickly developed into an international development
team. Since 1998 I have maintained the various site installations
(Hannover, Trento; then USA, mainly together with Martin Landa),
fortunately today based on hugo. While in1998 I was still doing the
source code management manually (the "patch by email" system, so to
speak), then at the end of 1999 we switched first to CVS, then SVN and
now finally to git/GitHub. I'm very happy about the git migration, as
we are increasingly seeing new developers and more contributions. I
also find the (automated) code quality tests great.

My project activities include presenting at conferences, some
teaching, code sprint participation, bug fixing, user support,
infrastructure management, co-maintaining the Twitter account, release
management, project funding, etc. As before in my research group in
Italy, also in my company mundialis we stick to open source software
and donate in-kind development hours to OSGeo (i.e. developer hours
leading to code contributions: new GRASS GIS addons, fixes and
continuation and extension of actinia, originally developed by Sören
Gebbert). I am co-founder of GRASS GIS e.V. (today FOSSGIS), GFOSS.it
and OSGeo.

I believe that the new PSC could benefit from different members taking
on roles to better handle the tasks at hand, (see also the old page:

With my diverse interests, I would be interested in sharing my
experience in project management (but not necessarily as the
chairperson!), contact with business, infrastructure management, and
financial matters. For sure I am happy to support new faces in the
PSC, being elected or not. I would be happy to see as much as possible
implemented from the PSC agenda, perhaps with frequent meetings to
keep the pace. And more outreach and marketing, to highlight the
powerful software and its beautiful community I enjoy for decades!

Best wishes,


Markus Neteler, PhD
https://www.mundialis.de - free data with free software

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