[GRASS-PSC] Statement Helena Mitasova

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Thu Jan 14 20:57:51 PST 2021

 Dear GRASS community,

I am  honored to be nominated - thank you.          

As most of you probably know I am faculty at the Center for Geospatial Analytics at North Carolina State University. 
I have participated in GRASS GIS development since 1991, working at USA CERL in 90s and I have been on GRASS PSC
since it was established. I have collaborated with Markus on the GRASSbook and co-authored many papers and two
additional books with GRASS-related topics. I have promoted GRASS in academic communities and at conferences through
presentations of our research developing innovative tools and applications.                                           

I am currently on the board of directors for OSGeo and as GRASS PSC member I try to make sure that the views and needs
from GRASS project are well represented. I am rather quiet on the lists as I try to minimize sending emails, writing only when I feel
that it is absolutely necessary. But I closely follow GRASS development and follow up with any  issues that arise with Anna and Vasek.
I developed and teach courses where we use GRASS and my current and former graduate students use GRASS in their research.
I was fortunate to have Anna and Vasek as my grad students  bringing GRASS development into our lab at NCSU.

As a PSC member I see my role as guarding the continuity while supporting new ideas -I am excited about the new developments 
which may change how people use GRASS and make it more accessible. I am committed to working with GRASS community to further develop open access educational material  for courses and workshops.
I would also strive to keep the admin and procedures as simple as possible to focus the resources (time and effort)
on development, documentation and education, while dividing the work as suggested by Markus - perhaps bringing 
in some experience from currently well functioning OSGeo board.


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