[GRASS-PSC] [GRASS GIS Elections 2020] Brief summary and reflections for the next election

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I agree with Huidae. Pretty much simultaneously with the GRASS PSC elections, CoMSES.Net held executive board election. We also ran into glitches with this remote voting and eventually had to rerun the election. So the GRASS one went very well. Thanks. Having a way to work out a list of eligible voters is important but I’m sure that GRASS expertise can solve it. Perhaps we can then propose this to US states who are wrestling with the same question and often proposing really bad solutions 😉


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On 2021-01-28 15:04, Huidae Cho wrote:
> Hernán and all,
> First of all, many thanks to Hernán for organizing the election. I
> think it was very smooth.

Thank you, Huidae.

> I believe the most challenging and important task in any election is
> to prepare a tidy voters registry. At the moment, we have multiple
> lists of contributors in different repositories. It would be much
> easier to avoid human errors if we combined them into a single list,
> maybe in the core or web repository. Also, for identifying
> individuals, we can create a unique ID for each contributor based on
> their name (e.g., first initial + middle initial + last name) when
> they first join the community to avoid using email addresses (or even
> github IDs for a potential migration to another platform in the
> future), which can change any time. Last, as for sending an email to
> someone who has been away from the community for a while, we could
> utilize mailing archives to check if they have been active in the
> community in the past couple of years. We can discuss further in the
> first meeting.
+1 for unique IDs, wheter related to GitHub or not, they are very useful.
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