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Eduardo Patto Kanegae lists at webmapit.com.br
Fri Dec 10 11:56:14 EST 2004

Hi Markus,

thanks for the prompt reply.

I went to http://grass.itc.it/download.html and at GRASS 5.7 "green " 
frame, for translating documentation, should I download it only from 
http://grass.itc.it/grass57/source/snapshot/ ( CVS source code snapshopt 
) , right? it contains docs am I right?


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Markus Neteler escreveu:

>Hi Eduardo,
>to translate the GRASS 5.7 documentation, please download the
>source code (latest!! best from CVS to keep in sync) and to
>take the files 'description.html'. The translated files
>(then called 'description_pt_BR.html' for example) we should
>insert into the CVS for future maintenance.
>Anything else would get outdated quickly or lost.
>In general all GRASS 5.7 modules (should) have such a file,
>however, we are continuously updating them. Translators should
>be aware of that and take care to keep the translated files
>updated as well.
>Let me suggest to start with a few important pages. Then
>we (me?) will have to extend the HTML/MAN page creation engine
>to take care of integrating well the translated pages upon compile
>Please note that the header/footer/parameters/flags section is
>generated *automatically* while everything below the
>DESCRIPTION section is maintained manually. So: no need to translate
>the first part with parameters and flags. This will appear translated
>automatically once the messages in the C code got translated (po files).
>But this requires changes in the C code which are (slowly) done
>by programmers/contributors.
>Summary: Yes, please translate the manual pages. To do so, the
>module related 'description.html' files have to be translated.
>Best is to use an ASCII editor to avoid that messy HTML code
>get's inserted which won't be properly translated to MAN format
> Markus
>On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 10:33:12AM -0200, Eduardo Patto Kanegae wrote:
>>I checked up the link http://grass.itc.it/i18n.html but sound it talks only about translation of *.po files . I'm interested on translating GRASS documentation ( man pages? any others ?) and have GRASS 5.7 installed.
>>Can I just translate *.html of man pages to a new "pt_BR" directory? or should I translate another source of files?
>>Does the man pages that comes with 5.7 is ideal for that, or should I pick up another version?
>>And how not to translate the same of anyone has already done?
>>best regards,
>>Eduardo Patto Kanegae
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