[GRASS translations] gettext macro update

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Nov 17 03:53:30 EST 2004

Dear translators,

the procedure to add further gettext macros (the indication
for messages to get extracted for translation) has changed:

A further change is necessary which now gives advantage to
allow other external software (QGIS, whatever) to make use of
GRASS messages.

In details (revised procedure):

Generally, to support i18N multiple languages, message strings
in GRASS must be modified from

  fprintf ( ..., "...\n", ...);
  G_message ( _("..."), ...);

4 Steps:
a) to replace:
- fprintf (stdout,    with G_message (
- fprintf (stderr,    with G_message (

b) to add:
- the macro _( )

c) to remove:
- \n at the end of single message strings

d) Also needed to be added:
#include "glocale.h"

This line has to be added to each C file which contains
user messages, preferably as last #include statement.

Such strings will be then extracted automatically into
the POT file(s).

See for example ./vector/v.what.rast/main.c

Enjoy the search-replace function of your preferred
editor to do these changes. Please check carefully
the changes then.

Finally, to submit, just create a CVS snapshot:

cvs diff -u file > file.diff

Then submit the diff file(s) to either me or another



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