[GRASS translations] Re: [GRASS5] french translation for GRASS-5.7 CVS

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at users.labs.libre-entreprise.org
Thu Sep 30 12:49:55 EDT 2004

Le jeu 30/09/2004 à 18:25, Markus Neteler a écrit :

hi markus,


> Commited. I also updated the encoding of the DE (German file).


why not use "iconv" to convert po files on the fly during configuration

a new rule with something like "iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 po/xx.po >
po/xx.po-new" should do the trick (with some more coding to detect and
update the "content-type" header field for each converted po file).

and why not a new configure's option to let the user choose himself how
to convert translations (something like "--with-i18n=utf-8") according
to its needs?

I've never saw that in any other project, but...

just ideas...


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