[GRASS translations] [de translation] errors while merging

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at users.labs.libre-entreprise.org
Thu Sep 30 14:21:02 EDT 2004


doing a "make update-po" I have the following errors for "de"

msgmerge: grassmods_de.po: warning: Charset missing in header.
                                    Message conversion to user's charset
will not work.
grassmods_de.po:11:2: parse error
grassmods_de.po:11: keyword "grassmods_de" unknown
grassmods_de.po:11: keyword "po" unknown
grassmods_de.po:84: missing `msgstr' section
grassmods_de.po:85:2: parse error
grassmods_de.po:85: keyword "grassmods_de" unknown
grassmods_de.po:85: keyword "po" unknown
grassmods_de.po:102: missing `msgstr' section
grassmods_de.po:103:2: parse error
grassmods_de.po:103: keyword "grassmods_de" unknown
grassmods_de.po:103: keyword "po" unknown
grassmods_de.po:132: missing `msgstr' section
grassmods_de.po:133:2: parse error
grassmods_de.po:133: keyword "grassmods_de" unknown
grassmods_de.po:133: keyword "po" unknown
msgmerge: found 15 fatal errors
Merging failed

-> current grass51 CVS.


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