[GRASS translations] Simplifying translating GRASS

samuel cavalcante rioapaporis at yahoo.com.br
Tue Feb 1 15:26:05 EST 2005

hi markus,
for me it is a very good new!
i feel more stimulated to get involved in grass projects

Emmanuel Saracco <esaracco at users.labs.libre-entreprise.org> wrote:
Le mardi 01 février 2005 à 14:14 +0100, Markus Neteler a écrit :

> Hi,

Hi Markus,


> 2. I add a link on the i18n web page to make these
> .po files downloadable. Like this newcomers can
> just grab such a file, open with kbabel/poedit and
> translate, then submit it to me/another developer.

This one sounds good for me :-)




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