[GRASS translations] spanish translations?

Guillermo Martinez gfmb at hwr.arizona.edu
Mon Jun 27 12:37:48 EDT 2005

Markus Neteler wrote:

>On Fri, Jun 24, 2005 at 05:26:33PM -0700, Guillermo Martinez wrote:
>>I'm wonder if you need with the Spanish translations (tutorials, manual, 
>>man files, gyu). I'm going to teach a short course about grass (15%), 
>>Mapserver (60%) and other open GIS tools. I'd like to help in 
>>translating some short tutorial for beginners. Any idea about a tutorial 
>>that i can translate?.
>>How can I help to costumize grass in Spanish?
>>I have some programming experience with PHP and Mapscript. Also, I did 
>>my undergraduate thesis with grass, but I need to learn more about C and 
>>the CVS.
>>Thank you,
>Hi Guillermo,
>the GDF Hannover published recently a GRASS 6 tutorial in German and
>English language (it's a free document):
> http://www.gdf-hannover.de/literature
> -> GRASS GIS 6.0 Tutorial. Version 1.1
>Some translations are ongoing, perhaps you want to join for Spanish?
Hi Markus and all,

Thank you for the invitation! For me, it's an opportunity to learn many 
things. Do you know if there is a team for the translation to Spanish? 
Which tools do you use for translating? What is the first step?

I understand this can take time, but I'd to work weekly on this.

About the material for the short course that I need to prepare, I'd to 
use some of the material that you have in:


I just want to show the people how to set up a location, and run basic 
modules to list, visualize the files, and perfom basic operations.

Thank you,


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