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Eve Rousseau eve.red at magic.fr
Thu Feb 2 10:05:41 EST 2006

(Sorry, I've been messing with this reply/reply all stuff again. I'm
concentrating now..! ;)

> ok, Stephan will be online tomorrow again, so we wait and after we find _the_ 
> best and easiest solution, we go for it. I think a wiki table would be 
> reasonable and Markus' idea to connect the table via scripting into the 
> repositories or maybe even language wise into the latex document :-) sounds 
> nice to me.
> So we start tomorrow and take the table Eve and JD Guiguère built as the 
> initial document - ok?

Yes of course Markus idea sounds nice to me too, anyway I trust regarding
organisation and team work and tools issues, whatever you set up is always nicer
for us translators than working isolated, you know..!

I don't know if you can do something with the draft table, but if you can't use
it don't worry coz I need to reorganize and update it anyway...


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