[GRASS translations] New translator

pmarc paulomarcondes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 07:16:18 EDT 2006

2006/5/31, Eve Rousseau <eve.red at magic.fr>:
> Good evening Daniel,
> > I talked to Paulo Marcondes (pmarc) about helping him out with the
> > Portuguese (Brazilian) translation of GRASS and we where wondering,
> > are there any tips/trick for two persons to work on the same language?
> > How do people coordinate such things?
> You can split work on files : one working on grasslibs, the other on grassmods
> (or maybe between type of messages : fuzzy translations/untranslated).

This is what we will try in this first round. We have lots of fuzzy in
grassmods and that is making me a bit nervous =D

> The main constraint is time available - most often, translators don't work
> simultaneously (every other week/month/etc.) ... Therefore, the rule is always :
> 1) commit early
> 2) commit often

This would be ideal, but since GRASS is a bit conservative on CVS
write access that won't work so clear cut. I understand this as the
devels do not want some newbie to screw up the whole project.

Markus, would it be possible to grant write access just to the locale
directory on CVS?\
That should solve the issue of translataros write access to cvs. I
understand that creating a separate CVS just for translations is out
of the question.

So, what I am talking to Daniel is for him to send me his whole work,
I diff and patch to mine, diff from CVS and the diff goes both to him
and Markus.

Au revoir, Eve.
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