[GRASS translations] grasstcl_XX.po into spanish

Roberto Antolin roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Mon Nov 27 10:03:54 EST 2006

Hi all,

>> > sent to wrong list.
>> >
>> Why??
> Because this discussion belogns to translations and not to the general
> grass users list. =]
After 5 minutes thinking about that, I finally understood this: "sent 
the wrong list". It was you who sent the message to the wrong list :) 
All this morning I was thinking it was me.
Yes, today I'm a bit asleep.

>> And now, one question. In spanish as in other latin languages there are
>> two "ways" of talking and writting. The formal and the colloquial one. I
>> mean, not as in english, for example, that in all cases "you" is used.
>> So, which one do I use for the translation?
>> I don't know if I'm clear :-(
> Partially clear.
> However, I think clarity in the communication is more important, so I
> prefer to be a bit more on the forml side, without being too rigid.
> I want to be clear, but not boring. I think you can manage that in
> your native language.
> Overall, it is a question of style. Often is best to follow what other
> translators have done in italian (not necessarily on grass, though).

That's a good idea. I'll see what other people did in grassmod_es and 
grasslib_es. But, after all, I see I wasn't very clear at all. My 
question could be formulated as: Is there any kind of policy about the 
formal or colloquial style with the translations in GRASS? From

> Ciao Roberto
> (My middle name is Pasquini -- My great great grand father came from
> Trieste. Marcondes came from a certain Mariconti that came from
> Venezia in the 16th century.)

Amazing! How do you know that about your surname?
Anyway, you were right the first time. I'm from Spain not from Italy ;)
But I'm studing in Italy and it is a wonderfull country.


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