[GRASS translations] Re: translation of grass-6.2.0beta2 into vietnamese

Mystus vittatus mystusvittatus at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 07:23:38 EDT 2006

Hi all

If you want to display Vietnamese properly, then please change the Default font in options.tcl from Helvetica to Verdana or Arial. Otherwise many words are displayed wrongly. I don't know why but Tahoma font doesn't work on my computer (it worked on Ms. Van Anh's case, like she mentions in the localization document of GRASS into Vietnamese before), maybe the font set of Tahoma I have has crashed.
 Bui Huu manh

Markus Neteler <neteler at itc.it> wrote: On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 10:08:07AM +0200, Markus Neteler wrote:
> Hi Bui Huu Manh
> On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 06:59:42AM +0100, Mystus vittatus wrote:
> >      Hi Markus
> >    Attached to this mail is the translation of 3 po files of GRASS 6.2.0beta2
> >    into Vietnamese. It's a quite completed translation, only very few
> >    messages left or the ones which don't need translation like Raster,
> >    Vector.... The translation is done in gedit, and I have compiled GRASS
> >    with nls option to check. Generally it's ok (you can see some issues
> >    below).
> thanks a lot - I have uploaded the files to 6.2.0-release branch and
> 6.3-CVS.

I just made a quick test:

export LANG=vi_VI
export LANGUAGE=vi_VI
export LC_ALL=vi_VI


Really great (it will work in 6.2 as well) - congrats!


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