[GRASS translations] What's a project in GRASS?

dottorando roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Wed Jan 17 15:38:19 EST 2007

On Wed, 17 Jan 2007, Eve Rousseau wrote:

> Hi,
> What Daniel Calvelo meant with 'already in use' must be about the words you've
> chosen to translate concepts like 'region' or 'areas'(as geometric objects)...
> Maybe you could update the glossary here to make the other Spanish translators
> aware of your choices?
> http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/GRASS_Translation_Glossary
Yes, I translated part of that glossary and I say to news translators to 
have a look to it first.

> Keeping English is fine because anyway when we come down to the name of
> environment variables, we stick with English - but there's always some
> peculiarities... In French for instance, we can't use 'Location' because it has
> a totally different meaning and it would be a bit confusing. There's always the
> "Frenglish" word 'localisation' but it's awful too (and non-sensical).

In spanish, 'localizacion' is no so bad because it has a sense of place. 
In fact, it's commonly use as a sinonim of village.

I'm begining to think that translating some kind of GRASS terms is no so 
bad. It avoid some problems :)

> It's up to Spanish native speakers to tell which Spanish word could be the more
> intuitive for this concept, and does it really matters if it ends up to be an
> English word..? I really don't know, maybe native Spanish speakers like Daniel
> should know better than I...

Daniel, are you a spanish speaker? Would you like to join us? ;)

Eve, you are totally right, we should know which is the best word in 
every case. The problem is that we don't agree in the word nor in the 
concept. And I see that GRASS community doesn't agree in the concept. So, 
I do the next question:

For you and considering the whole concept of 'location' in GRASS, is it 
closer to 'project' or to 'place'?

German people have translated it just as 'Project' or 'Location Project' 
as Otto said. French people have translated as 'Secteur' that is, closer 
to place. We, spaniards, don't know, although I strongly prefer the concept 
of project. The "rest of the world"?

While I wrote this message, I was looking for something and I found it. I 
want to show to everybody (also to myself) how wiki defines the concepts 
of 'location' an 'mapset' :)

> Atentamente,
> Eve


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