[GRASS translations] What's a project in GRASS?

Eve Rousseau eve.red at magic.fr
Wed Jan 17 13:40:42 EST 2007


What Daniel Calvelo meant with 'already in use' must be about the words you've
chosen to translate concepts like 'region' or 'areas'(as geometric objects)...
Maybe you could update the glossary here to make the other Spanish translators
aware of your choices? 
> Talking about keeping the english terms, I wouldn't like to do it. But 
> thinking about it, maybe it is the best solution. I mean, if I've 
> developed a software gis called GRASS, do I rename it into HIERBA in the 
> spanish translation (or ERBA into italian)? Surely not. So, if I have 
> two 'key' folders in the GRASS architecture called 'Location' and 
> 'mapset', should I try to translate them? I don't know. What do you think?

Keeping English is fine because anyway when we come down to the name of
environment variables, we stick with English - but there's always some
peculiarities... In French for instance, we can't use 'Location' because it has
a totally different meaning and it would be a bit confusing. There's always the
"Frenglish" word 'localisation' but it's awful too (and non-sensical).
It's up to Spanish native speakers to tell which Spanish word could be the more
intuitive for this concept, and does it really matters if it ends up to be an
English word..? I really don't know, maybe native Spanish speakers like Daniel
should know better than I...

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