[GRASS translations] What's a project in GRASS?

Roberto Antolin roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Wed Jan 17 11:59:19 EST 2007

Eve Rousseau ha scritto:

>If you're not sure (or can't agree) on what the adequate Spanish word should be,
>keeping the English terms might be the best option... But, doesn't Spanish
>usually integrate words directly or just changes the original spelling to match
>Spanish pronunciation..?
Yes, we commonly adapt some terms into spanish but it is slang, not 
official. For example:
- To click (the button); Slang: "Clicar" (el boton); The correct form: 
Pulsar (el boton).

Only after some years and after that everybody uses these kind of terms, 
the RAE (Spanish Royal Academy) accept them.

>Otherwise, just in case it might help, French translators agreed on "Secteur"
>for "Location" (maybe "Sector" or "Sector de proyecto" could be convenient), and
>"Jeu de données" for "Mapset (literaly "juego de datos" or maybe something close
>to "surtido" or "surtido de mapas")...
>Hope this helps,
Thank you, Eve! I appreciate your help and you give me some idea to 
translate 'mapset'. Maybe not 'surtido' because in spanish it seems that 
you have to choose between maps, but something like that would be ok.

Talking about keeping the english terms, I wouldn't like to do it. But 
thinking about it, maybe it is the best solution. I mean, if I've 
developed a software gis called GRASS, do I rename it into HIERBA in the 
spanish translation (or ERBA into italian)? Surely not. So, if I have 
two 'key' folders in the GRASS architecture called 'Location' and 
'mapset', should I try to translate them? I don't know. What do you think?


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