[GRASS translations] (no subject)

Solomon Gizaw solohavi at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 04:42:24 EDT 2007

Hi all,

 My name is Solomon Gizaw. I am from Ethiopia. I am a
student in Addis Ababa University studying my Ms.c in
 computer science .I would like to participate in
translation of Grass-Gis to Amharic Language .I
haven't seen anyone who has done it before in
Amharic.I have tried to get a PO files of other
countries and download it and also tried to translate
some of the words into Amharic using the poedit .But I
have tried to see the changes i made and use the
command "msgfmt" on the file grasstcl_am.po to create
a binary file and it creates message.mo file not which
i need to see the grasstcl_am.mo file .could anyone
tell me the  steps how I can compile
it after I have finished some of the translation.I
will submitt my work after I have finished some of the
work which is appropriate to include in the next

 Thank you

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