[GRASS-translations] incorrect refs?

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Aug 3 05:03:06 EDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Maxim Dubinin <sim at gis-lab.info> wrote:
> Martin took time to explain me how version control/svn and related
> stuff works, which is really interesting, but I still find it quite
> confusing. I also suspect, that I'm not the only one (though I'm
> probably a representative of Windows wave which is relatively new to
> GRASS and generally unaware of svn etc.) who is confused about how
> much steps you need to do besides just translating.

Don't worry: for a time we had a translations manager who took care
to lead people through the process. In the end folks just translated
and he did the rest with messages merging.

I'll try to contact him to hear if he plans to continue (hope so!).
If not, we'll find a new person and people like you can just translate.
Makes sense?

> I'd  suggest  it would help having more simple and direct procedure to
> people  to start participating and not bothering with checking svn and
> running  into  issues  with  code/po relations. We tried Pootle, which
> seems  to  be  a  nice  alternative, especially for completely new and
> finished  translations  that  require  some  revising. There should be
> something else that can be done to make process easier to participate,
> I guess.

I agree but it is all a matter of time...

> I know you're great community and always ready to help, so this just a
> suggestion and may be you already gave it some thought and I'm all
> wrong :)

You are all right! It worked very well till recently, just the
translations manager
got busy with something else or summer time or whatever.
We'll work it out!

At OSGEo level, I once proposed
but wasn't yet successful. Since grass.osgeo.org is running in fact on a
telascience.org machine in San Diego where we have ssh access, we
could try to install some Web based software there.

> MN> For translators: please submit often! Only then we avoid to get out of sync.
> We will!

If you want, I can send you the updated .po files so that you can
start translating


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