[GRASS-translations] Re: grass-translations Digest, Vol 32, Issue 4

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Sep 26 06:11:41 EDT 2009

[cc-ing to Dimitris Glezos at Transifex]

> >> > > Maybe it is worth having a look at transifex [/].
> >> > > [/] http://www.transifex.net/

Markus N:
> >> > What is their license policy? GPL compliant? No shift of ownership?
> >> > This was the problem for years with launchpad rosetta, later they
> >> > changed their license model.

> > Indeed, it is GPL (I got an additional reply from a dev of Transifex).
> > See also [4]. Also, according to the dev the problem you describe above
> > (wrt to rosetta) does not exist in Transifex.

Markus N:
> Indeed, I have taken a look (and registered myself): it looks very promising.
> Read also http://lwn.net/Articles/325311/
> According to http://www.transifex.net/faq/#heading_toc_j_7 we just
> need to ask to become registered. Should we try? The beauty
> seems to be that the system sends updates upstream which was the
> key issue I have with pootle and others (imagine 16 persons contributing
> one sentence each to 7 different languages, it would become a merge
> hell for the translation manager). Dirty work should be done by the
> computer :)

> I may be all wrong, just interpreting web pages and such (and thanks to
> Milena for her detailed pootle comments!). Maybe http://open-tran.eu/ could
> be linked to transifex.net?
> Markus

I can manage to contact folks over at Transifex [@Jan: no intention to
take over or interfere to your work. I am just putting some glue which
might or might not be wanted from the community]. Or... why not cc-them
directly this post? Well, just asking never hurts (at least I believe
so :-p).

@Dimitris Glezos:

can http://open-tran.eu/ be linked to transifex.net?

Best regards, Nikos

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