[GRASS-translations] Add a setence in *.po file

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Thu Jan 21 18:15:05 EST 2010

2010/1/21 António Rocha <antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt>:
> Greetings
> I need to make an "internal function" I mean, just a small script to
> calculate NDVI. And I needed to have it in English and Portuguese. I'm
> writting all the module/input/output text/description in English but I would
> really like to have also in Portuguese.


> The "input raster" it's easy. I just
> have to use the sentences thar already exist in po files. But for the Title
> I real need to add a line into the Pt*.po  file but I can't figure out how
> to do this in POEDIT ou Virtaal. Anyone can help me?

The best is to add an extra .po file for own messages. Otherwise it
would be lost in the next .pot file update.

So (not that complicated but easier than using the "make pot"
Take one of the grassXXX_pt.po files in a text editor and delete all except
the header, and the number of messages you want to have. Call the
file for example grass_deimos_pt.po. Update the header accordingly.
Then substitute the existing English text with your english messages
(that why we selected the same number before, for easy recycling).
Close the text editor and reopen the file with poedit. Now you can
add the Portuguese translation as well. Save the file.
Note the line numbers are only comments and not relevant.
Now you also need to add a rule in the Makefile or generate manually
the .mo file and copy it into the LC_MESSAGES directory.

Mhh, perhaps we need to develop some support for this?

> PS- I'm back again in wxPt  translation. In the following week I will have
> some new file to submit.

Excellent. Please (all) remember the "submit often" paradigm to
avoid that files get out of sync with the main source code.


> See ya and thanks
> Antonio Rocha
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