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Monica Buescu monicabuescu1985 at gmail.com
Mon May 16 20:49:41 EDT 2011

Hi Markus
One solution was to add a label to Quit and Exit button in gis_set.py
(suggestion from Antonio Rocha). It has worked

> > - Meridian Parallel and other similar parameters used to define
> Location's
> > geographic parameters (none of those are there) (in Locations Wizard)
> please indicate the phrases, maybe they were not yet tagged for
> translation?
> Expressions (depends on the projections):
Central Parallel
Central Meridian
Supress Skew
South Hemisphere
(among others)
How to get there? (enter Location Wizard> Select Coordinate System from  a
list >(select a coordinate system)

> > - Next and Back button used in Locations Wizard
> Same as Quit and Help button...
> Hope this helps
> Markus
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