[GRASS-translations] Transifex manager wanted for GRASS GIS!

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 01:22:24 PST 2017

On 12 February 2017 at 07:45, Huidae Cho <grass4u at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Luca,

Hi Huidae,

> I just checked the po files, but I don't see any plural forms that are
> partially translated. They are all both translated or empty.

ok, maybe they are wrong... if I try to upload korean po files I got

Error uploading file: grassmods_ko.po
Invalid number of plurals for string: %d category loaded:%d categories loaded

Error uploading file: grasslibs_ko.po
Invalid number of plurals for string: One feature without geometry
skipped:%d features without geometry skipped

msgid "One feature without geometry skipped"
msgid_plural "%d features without geometry skipped"
msgstr[0] "Datum %s 테이블파일을 열 수 없습니다"
msgstr[1] "Datum %s 테이블파일을 열 수 없습니다"

this is wrong for sure, the singular form should not contain %s, but
also the plural is wrong, there is %s but it should be %d

> Regards,
> Huidae



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