problem of g.region

Mary Martin martin at
Mon Dec 30 09:57:27 EST 1991

hi, i recently got your note discussing problems setting
a default region after having created a new location and mapset.
Each GRASS location directory must have a mapset named PERMANENT
(all caps) created beneath it.  The file named DEFAULT_WIND
that g.region is looking for should be stored under this PERMANENT
mapset.  If you set up a new location interactively in GRASS,
by naming an as-yet-nonexistent location name on the GRASS start-up
page, GRASS will create the PERMANENT mapset and the necessary
default files under it automatically, based on your answers to
questions it poses you.  You can instead simply create the
needed PERMANENT mapset directory and default files using UNIX
commands (mkdir, etc.), as you probably did.  You might want to
get into grass and use "" to read the section on 
"setting up a grass database: locations and mapsets".
Forgot to mention -- grass only looks at the DEFAULT_WIND file
under the PERMANENT mapset when it doesn't find a file called "WIND"
under your current mapset.  Look at these files under your spearfish
mapset to check out the file format.  m martin, usacerl

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