r.in.sunrast command

William R. Lamb sys.adm bill at rsgis3.tamu.edu
Tue Dec 31 13:23:55 EST 1991

Yo fellow grass users:
I have not been able to figure out how to get DEM data into GRASS4.0 if
do not have a local tape drive.  I have to dump nine track tapes on a
Vax or Amdahl cross-campus :-( and then bring them to my workstation
across our net.  The grass4.0 command m.dem.extract wants a tape drive
locally.  How can this be
bypassed?  I would really like to save myself from writing a program to
do this
if someone has done it before.
My next question is how does one make a DEM (and subsequent slope cell
map)from a grid of point elevations.  Thanks in advance for your

William Lamb
Remote Sensing/GIS Laboratory
Dept. of Forest Science
Texas A&M University
bill at rsgis3.tamu.edu
(409) 845-9425

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