m.dem.extract stuff...

Michael Shapiro shapiro at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Thu Jan 9 12:01:31 EST 1992

In response to the following:
|Regarding the m.dem.extract talk... I believe that a tape device
|  is bassically regarded as one file under that particular device
|  name (directory/file)  In short there funtionally is no difference
|  between specifying a tape device or a file.

(1) m.dem.extract does assume a tape drive and probably won't work with
files. A lot of the GRASS tape programs make assumptions about tapes
(mutiple files with EOFs, read asking for x bytes will succeed if the
record lenght is less than x and will return the correct count of the
number of bytes in a physical tape record, etc.)

(2) The 4.0 version of m.dem.extract is defective. It has been fixed
but hasn't been re-released yet. We are going to start putting fixes
on the OGI ftp site (moon.cecer.army.mil) shortly and we will announce
these fix upgrades on this list and the grassp-list.

Michael Shapiro (CERL)

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