Commands and the list

Rob Knauerhase rob at
Mon Jan 13 17:10:18 EST 1992

Greetings all:

This is just a reminder that commands to the list (things like SUBscribe,
WHO, PINg, GET, and so on) should go to the

grassu-request at
       ^^^^^^^ note bene

address; stuff mailed to grassu-list at goes to all the
subscribers (who I suppose could answer a "who" request in chorus... :).

Previously, letters in reply from the listserve software came from
"grassu-list", so replying to that message resulted in a wrong destination.
This is now fixed, so when you get an automatic message, you can simply reply
if you want to send another command to the program.

Let me know (at lists-owner at if you have any questions,
comments, or suggestions for the list.

Rob Knauerhase
Rob Knauerhase
rob at Construction Engineering Research Lab, Corps of Eng.
knauer at       UIUC Dept. of Computer Science, Gigabit Study Group

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