New USENET GIS newsgroup

paulf at paulf at
Mon Jan 13 17:43:10 EST 1992

Duane Marble of Ohio State writes:

>Why do we need another GIS-L?

It's not going to be another GIS-L. GIS-L as well as this
listing are mail based lists, where as comp.infosystems.gis
is a NEWSGROUP (Big distinction here between NEWSGROUP and
List served group).

If you've ever tried USENET news, you'll understand the
preference for it over a ton of mail from list-served 
groups (this is my personal opinion, no flames necessary :).

Besides, comp.infosystems.gis will be bridged with gis-l
and the hard to get newsgroup of bitnet.listserv.gis-l will vanish.
That is, postings to comp.infosystems.gis will be mailed
to gis-l and vice-versa. Many people complained that the
gis-l NEWSGROUP was hard to subscribe to. David Mark,
the individual in charge of gis-l, is behind the development
of the gis NEWSGROUP 100%.

Paul Friberg
Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University

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