Lars Schylberg larss at fmi.kth.se
Tue Jan 14 03:58:17 EST 1992

> I am having trouble using the v.in.arc command. The error message
> "cannot find ARC-INFO lines file" is displayed.  I have tried
> putting the lines and points files from the ARC 'ungenerate'
> command in several different directories.  Is there a specific
> file naming convention for these files different than adding a
> .lin and a .pts after the filename?

Yes, this is a well known problem that I spend some time to find out
how it works.  The ungenerate files should be placed in a subdirectory 
called arc under current $LOCATION.  (eg.  /data/SPEARFISH/larss/arc   )

I have reported this before that this is missing in the manual page when 
the program was in alpha testing.

Hope this helps, besides this the program works fine, if you do the 
correct things in arc/info also.

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