HP port

Thu Jun 4 09:32:44 EDT 1992

In response to Dick Myrick's question about running GRASS on the HP 
700 series:
I'm running GRASS4.0 on a HP750 and it compiled and runs smoothly 
(using the Xdriver for graphics).  I haven't tried to network it with 
Suns so I can't help you there.  My only complaint is that HP-UX is 
missing some commands that I relied on when using Sun-OS.  (I guess 
they are Berkeley derived commands, and HP-UX is more like ATT.)  
Those missing commands don't affect the running of GRASS though, just 
the file manipulation  I like to do.
Erin O'Doherty
Rocky Mtn Research Station
USDA Forest Service
Laramie, WY 82070

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