importing USGS landcover maps

Kenn Gardels gardels at
Mon Jun 8 14:58:19 EDT 1992

> From: rewerts at (Chris C Rewerts)

> Subject: importing USGS landcover maps
> ... I am guessing is land
> cover data; a raster representation perhaps.)...
This is GIRAS vector data.  I just got a diskfull of the stuff myself,
and havn't figured out how to process it.  I do have documentation
about it, and the somewhat arcane details of the file format.  (Chris, I
can fax you the relevant pages if you want.)  If someone knows about a
GIRAS-to-anything, please let the list know.

There is a GIRASARC command in arcinfo, which I may wind up doing, and then
ungenerating to get to GRASS, but (a) not everyone around has arcinfo (ahem),
and (b) that's cheating.

-kenn gardels 
UCB/CEDR, 510-642-9205, gardels at

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