making general/gis

Mon Jun 8 14:36:00 EDT 1992

After using GRASS4.0 for several months I ftp'd the current code and am having
trouble in the make.  It's failing in the scipt for general/gis.  I traced make
with the -d argument and its blowing up in the rules part on the echo commands
which report what module is being made, e.g., "@echo making $(UNIX_BIN)
/$(SHELL)", and the others like, "@echo making $0".

If I comment one of them out, it blows up on the next one.  If I run make with 
the -n (no execute) switch, it passes this section fine, and aborts in the make
of vect.spag. I have checked all
the path settings, my setup settings, etc.  The UNIX_BIN echo is preceeded by
two tests of the existence and write-ability of the named location, both of
which are apparently successful, and 'shell' itself is set to
'grass(VERSION_NUMBER)', i.e., 'grass4.0'.

Can you help me with this one?

By the way, my searches took me into $GIS/src/raster where I found the file
'' containig an e-mail message concerning the availability of
apartments in Champaign Il.

thank you


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