Ecological simulations in GRASS

Michael Shapiro shapiro at
Wed Mar 4 08:07:20 EST 1992


               Robert Costanza and Thomas Maxwell
                    Chesapeake Bological Lab
         Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies
                     University of Maryland
                            PO Box 38
                       Solomons, MD 20688

(I don't have a phone number).

According to a paper I have  of  theirs,  they  have  linked  GIS
(MIPS,  MAPII,  GRASS)  with a general dynamic simulation package
(STELLA) on the Macintosh.  (actually many Macintoshes).

Check the Journal: Ecological Modeling in 1991  for  a  paper  of
theirs   called   "Spatial  Ecosystem  Modelling  Using  Parallel

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