Rectification of Aerial Photos using GPS and DEM

W. Michael Todd W.Michael.Todd at dartmouth.eduIamworkingonaprojectthatismappingthealpinevegetationzones
Tue Mar 10 09:11:14 EST 1992

on Mt. Washington, NH. We have mylar overlays created from aerial
photos of the vegetation and have then digitized them using Atlas*Draw.
The aerial photos contain a significant amount of distortion due to
relief and we would like to correct for this using GPS points and DEM
 I have looked at the i.rectify.blk command in GRASS and am not sure if
this would be the best way to do it. For one we don't want to use
stereo pairs and would want to rectify the digitized overlays and not
create ortho-photos that we would then need to remap. Is this possible?

E-mail replies please.

W. Michael Todd
Image Processing Lab
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth College

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