help!--v.digit to raster conversion

Wed Mar 11 08:53:18 EST 1992

I have digitized a boundary around some features on a map using 
v.digit, successfully, and edited the file as well.  I gave each line 
a category label in v.digit.  The digitizing I did produced three 
different files, so I patched them together successfully--labeled the 
lines, there are 5 of them.  When I ran the vector to raster 
conversion my output doesn't look so good.  The file is no longer 
complete and it looks like only half of the vector files got 
converted.  When I run d.rast to view the file a dashed sort of line 
on one side of the file appears.  Hum, I'm new to this so I don't 
have an idea of what to do next or how to fix it.  Can anyone help?  
It would be greatly appreciated.  Lisa

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