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						through 4/10/92

		GS-1301-11/12 	Physical Scientist
	     OR GS-401-11/12	Biologist
	     OR GS-150-11/12	Geographer
	    	       ($32,423/$38,861 per annum).
		       Position may be filled at either grade level.

DUTY LOCATION:  National Park Service, Lakewood, Colorado

WHO MAY APPLY:  All citizens of the United States.   No previous Federal 
		experience is required.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  One to five nights per month of travel is required.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  The specialist performs the scientific and technical 
functions associated with a servicewide program which identifies, researches,
develops, and tests technologies and techniques to provide new or enhance 
existing capabilities for theme development (e.g. remote sensing, image 
processing, sensor systems, etc.), geographic information systems (GIS) data 
base development (e.g. data conversion, data processing, etc.), and GIS
analyses (e.g. applications, modeling, expert systems, and artificial 
intelligence), identifies or aids in identifying software/hardware/sensor 
tools for theme development and performs or aids in the testing and validation 
of their capability; develops and implements procedures to oversee, evaluate, 
and enforce compliance with policy, guidelines, standards and the agency 
handbook that pertain to GIS and remote sensing data technologies, techniques
and procedures; provides information and guidance related to the scientific, technical and operational aspects of remote sensing, image processing, 
photointerpretation, data needs, data sources, data acquisition, theme 
development, GIS data processing, data conversion, data base development, 
technique development, applications and related functions; provides technical 
suggestions for the design, specifications, and acquisition of new remote 
sensing software systems; develops, tests, validates and documents guidelines 
and procedures for field work; and presents project results through briefing 
sessions or written reports.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Basic requirements, 1 year of specialized 
experience and additional requirements as described below:

BASIC REQUIREMENTS:  Available on request (They vary based on the 
classification series under which you are applying).

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE:  One year of specialized experience in or directly 
related to the work of this position which has equipped the applicant with the 
knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of this 
position.  To be creditable, specialized experience must have been equivalent 
in level of difficulty and responsibility to the next lower grade level in the
Federal service.

SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE:  At the GS-11 level, three full years
of progressively higher level graduate education or Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral
degree in directly related fields may be substituted for the required 
specialized experience.  Graduate education must demonstrate the knowledge, 
skills, and abilities necessary to perform the duties of this position.  
(Eighteen semester hours or 27 quarter hours or the number of credit hours
the school attended has determined to represent 1 year of full-time study
is considered to be equal to 1 full year of graduate education.)

Education may not be substituted for the required year of specialized 
experience for GS-12.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants will be evaluated on the extent to 
which they possess the following requirements:

	- Knowledge of the theories, principles, and applications of remote
	  sensing, digital image processing and GIS technologies.  (Mandatory)

	- Knowledge of the theories, principles and applications of the 
	  physical, biological and/or geographical sciences as related to the
	  application of remote sensing, image processing and GIS technologies
	  for the production of GIS data bases.

	- Knowledge of the equipment and software applied to digital image 
	  processing, GIS applications and data acquisition, analysis, 
	  refinement and display including UNIX-based systems.  (Desirable)

	- Ability to devise new concepts, approaches, techniques or procedures
	  in synthesizing the remote sensing, GIS and natural social sciences
	  fields for:  (1) producing accurate, cost-effective and usable data 
	  bases and (2) developing new policies, standards and guidelines on 
	  geographic data technologies.

	- Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

BASIS OF RATING:  Applicants will be rated on the basis of education and 
experience appropriate to this position.  Only education or experience 
acquired by the filing deadline will be considered.  Applicants should address 
in writing how their background has equipped them with the additional 
requirements identified for this position.

LENGTH OF ELIGIBILITY:  Eligible applications accepted under this notice will be
placed on the OPM Denver Area Office register for a period of 1 year.

HOW TO APPLY:  Submit an Application for Federal Employment (SF-171) and a
written statement regarding your possession of the additional requirements to 
the address below.  Be sure to write "DD8043" in item #1 on the form.  Please 
submit a college transcript or complete a List of College Courses and 
Certificate of Scholastic Achievement (OPM Form 1170/17).  If you are claiming 
10-point veterans' preference, submit a Standard Form 15 and the required 
proof of entitlement.  Forms may be obtained by writing the Office of Personnel
Management at the address listed below or by calling (303) 969-7055 and leaving
a message.  For further information, you may also contact Ella Drummond of the 
National Park Service on (202) 208-4165.

MAIL TO:	U.S. Office of Personnel Management
		Denver Area Office
		P.O. Box 25167
		Denver CO 80225

Applications or requests for forms must be received or postmarked by April 10,
1992.  If you request forms late in the open period, you will be authorized 
a short period of extra time to file a "late" application.  However, complete 
applications received or postmarked by the closing date will receive first 
consideration.  Authorized "late" applications will only be considered on 
an as-needed basis in the order of the date received.  It is, therefore, to 
your advantage to file a complete application as early as possible.

Submission of incomplete applications will delay processing of your application
and may result in loss of consideration.


LIST A - FORMS REQUEST:  Contact the Federal Job Information Center:

By Calling:  303-969-7055
		All requests left on this line are answered the next work day.

		P.O. Box 25167
		Denver, CO 80225

By Visiting: 	12345 W. Alameda Parkway,
		Room 207, Lakewood, Colorado
		Hours: 9:00 am to 3:45 pm.

Please include in your request:
	Job Title and Grade
	Control Number
	10-point Veterans Preference (yes/no)
	Your Name

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