John E. Parks john at tang.uark.edu
Tue Mar 17 13:35:54 EST 1992

|I have been trying to read a number of U.S.G.S. DLG-3 optional format
|files into GRASS and seem to be having a bit of a problem doing so. It
|appears that the v.in.dlg (and the v.import) procedures cannot find the
|DLG files. Are the import functions expecting a particular filename or
|does the data have to be in a particular dircetory/location?. I have tried
|all possible combinations and have run out of ideas.

You have to put the DLG files in $LOCATION/dlg.  In short if your database
  is /home/data and your location is tennissee, mapset soandso then you 
  would put the dlg's in the directory /home/data/tennissee/soandso/dlg

v.in.dlg with then find the files

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